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What I'm about

I'm a `93 webdeveloper from Bremen, Germany; developing websites and web related stuff.
Always on the look for great projects to thrill people.

Working for a local agency at day I combine business needs with user-friendly web solutions that help customers across a multitude of industries generate revenue.

At night I'm all in for projects that put conventional boundaries to test. Trying things and staying curious will always be my driving force.

More than just webdevelopment

Businesses, organizations and individuals alike value the input build from the experience of countless projects - each with a different context and objective.

Build on what suits you

A good product adapts to the customer and not the other way around. Together we identify what platform, system or work flow suits you best and start from there.

Individual programming
You name it

Focus on detail and striving for perfection separates the solid from the top notch work. Let's go for that.

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